Monday, February 27, 2012

just sharing

my favourite sites that are baby/parenting related include, among others are:

there also various sites and pages on facebook specially dedicated to parenting and baby/kid related posts. being a contest junkie, i am always on the lookout for contests and now that i have my little Babycakes, i am always on the lookout for contests for babies too. when i was confinement, i won a RM50 Giant voucher from a Huggies sms contest. i will write about this in another post.

recently i took part in Parenthots where all i need to do is share my personal experience regarding babies, kids, parenting and the like. it can be anything so i simply submitted one and hey, my entry was published online. the title of my short post is Shopping Smart For Baby.

i'm not sure if my entry will be the best entry of the month but i remain hopeful. i could get a RM20 Giant voucher which can be used to buy Babycakes' toiletries. but if it is not chosen as the best of the month, it's ok. sharing is, after all, caring, right?

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