Friday, February 17, 2012

little books for my little one

it is never too early to instill good reading habit in your little one. the books or reading materials need not be expensive, as long as it has bright colours and patterns, different textures, crinkly and squeaky sounds, it can give endless hours of exploring. reading to your little one is a good way to increase her vocabulary and to improve her listening skills. you can read almost anything to her. sometimes i would show Babycakes catalogs from Giant or Tesco, sometimes i show her Dominos Pizza menu or flyers that i get stuck on my car. i would also read the newspaper to her too but she would only pay attention for a couple of minutes or so before she started to lose interest.
we have several books for her but she can't hold the books by herself yet, let alone turn the pages.
bought these books online from MyBaby Helper. managed to get some discount for buying a lot.

yup, since she can't turn the pages or hold the book, she lost interest within 3 minutes or so.

i searched online and bought a few cloth books for her from Gifts From Heaven. they sell really cheap cloth books that i ended up buying 5 cloth books for Babycakes, with each costing a mere RM12. that is very reasonable as compared to RM39.90 or more each. the good thing about the site is that they have a disclaimer telling you if the item(s) are defective or dirty or if it's a ex-manufacturer stock or if some pages are printed upside down etc. they even said that customers who are particular are not advisable to buy.

there is nothing wrong with the cloth books that i purchased, except for one, which the page is a bit senget and the tag is upside down. other than that, all is fine.

Babycakes doesn't seem to mind at all. in fact, she even reads them upside down!

i was so excited to give her the books that day but i see that she is even more excited as she grabbed the book herself when i was busy taking pictures.

the duck book has a furry cover, squeaker and its wing has a crinkly sound.

this Garanimals book even has teethers for her to chew on.

the books kept her entertained for hours, which gives me time to do other things. i guess we can skip buying Grolier book set for now. they're really expensive! there's always MPH and Popular bookstores too which sell good books at reasonable price.

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