Monday, February 20, 2012

we won a diaper!

I won a packet of Baby Love Night Jumbo pack from a contest in Mami & Baby magazine for Irene yeay! I entered the contest many months back that i've forgotten about it until i received an email notifying me of my win and asking me to collect the prize.

hmpph. apa la salahnya courierkan aje? what if the winner stays in Shah Alam, Bangi or even outstation, it would be a hassle for them to go all the way to the god-forsaken place office, right? they will have to arrange for courier service themselves.

their office is at Taman Mastiara, Jalan Ipoh. they provided a map and they don't even have a signboard. in the map, they stated 'Farm Land Fresh Organics' as the landmark but their office is opposite the Farm Land Fresh Organics shop. why can't they quote 'J.Y Caterer' instead? it's right next to them and its signboard is big and clear. hmpph.

this is the diaper that we won. by we, i mean Irene and I. I entered the contest but it's for her that's why I say we. geddit? luckily i put her diaper size as M size. she can definitely fit them. If i had written NB or S size, she won't be able to wear them. so to those of you who plan on entering contests (especially like this), remember that it will take weeks or in most cases months for them to announce and notify the winner so always think ahead.

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