Friday, March 02, 2012

the pink bunny is here!

i finally received my pink bunny today from Dumex simply by joining the Dumex Mama Club. however the bunny does not come as easy as i thought. i am saying this because i joined the club way before Babycakes was born. that was last year. that was way before September 2011. apparently they did not receive my information or details and i have actually forgotten about it until i stumbled upon their fb page and queried about it. after several queries and emails to Dumex, i finally received the 'coveted' pink bunny. the courier service called me yesterday to ask me when can they post the pink bunny because apparently their first attempt was unsuccessful. they sent to my parents' house which is the mailing address but no one was at home. or rather my mum did not hear when they came. thankfully they called and informed me about it so i asked them to send to my office instead.

so there you go. this is the pink bunny that i've been waiting for.

it's cute, it's soft and it's pink, yeay! i can't wait to give it to Babycakes. pink bunny will be good friends with Pinky Polly. i think i should come up with a name for the pink bunny too. any suggestions? who is Pinky Polly, you may ask? i'll write about Pinky Polly in another post. pinky promise!

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