Thursday, February 09, 2012

lunchtime shopping

in my previous post i said that if i go to the shops, i will always get something for my baby, didn't i? today i did just that. i'm glad that i don't work near shopping malls anymore. i've worked at Jalan Pinang once and hey, KLCC and Pavilion were my playground then. i can't imagine if i am still working there. i will surely spend most of my money and lunch time at either KLCC or Pavilion. phew~ that wouldn't be good for the pocket and for the future. my current office is in Hartamas and there are many shops, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, spas etc. thankfully there is only one shop (or at least one that i know for now) that sells babies' and kids' clothing. damn. there goes my money. i love to browse and look around but i manage to control and refrain myself from buying anything for babycakes. i mean, she has tons of clothes and some she hasn't even worn yet! but then the clothes and the gowns are just too adorable to resist. so far i've only bought her 3 pairs of socks (before she was born) and today i bought her 2 pieces of panties. not bad for self-control, right? *pat on my back*

a baby girl needs panties when she wears her gowns, right? *alasan*

Fisher Price panties for only RM6. trust me if they costs more than RM6, i would not buy. i'd love to get the printed ones, they are cuter but they only have size 0-3 months.

as for myself, i bought this pair of earring from F Block for RM10. their boutique is near my office and they sell pretty and cute ear rings and hair accessories ughhh. they're so cute and so cheap i just have to buy, no? i've bought several hair bands and ear rings too before this. note to self: stay away from F Block!!

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Anonymous said...

i always have my alasan when buying sumtin for airis gak hahahhhaaa. - lala