Monday, March 29, 2010

my hand phone nightmare part 2

It’s been ages since I last watch a movie. As far as I remember, the last movie that I watched was Tooth fairy, the one where I won tickets from I normally go back at 8ish to 9ish on weekdays so it is impossible to catch a movie after work. Weekends would normally be filled with weddings and such (and sometimes work). So last Friday, I kinda left work early, at 745pm (yes that is considered very early for me) and I immediately thought of watching a movie. I checked TGV and GSC’s websites. I wanted to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D but it was either fully booked or the seats are too near to the screen so I booked and paid online (for the first time) the cutest movie ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ in 3D. A certain someone has been really nice to me all week and he deserves a movie treat. Therefore I booked the movie online.

That certain someone had a meeting at Old Town White Coffee in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng so I parked my car there and got into his car. We then went to KLCC and had a light dinner at Dome when I realized that my hand phone is not in my handbag. I searched every pocket, every compartment but it was not there. My bf tried to call my phone but we didn’t hear it ringing. I thought that I left it in his car so he went and checked. Moments later, he came back to Dome and said that the hand phone was nowhere to be found. So I figured that I must have left it in my car. We wanted to leave but we have already ordered. Movie starts at 930 and food only arrived at 9pm.

I thought of leaving it at that but I know I won’t be able to enjoy the movie not knowing where my phone is. I might have left it on the dashboard. Or I might have left it on the passenger seat. It could also be in the plastic bag where I put my water bottles in. What if someone saw my phone and decided to break in my car and steal it? The light on the phone could be blinking because there was a missed call. After balancing all the probabilities, we decided to go and check. But there’s no way we can afford to miss the movie because it has already been paid. So we ate quickly and went to Old Town White Coffee. And there it was, sitting nicely on the passenger seat. And come to think of it, nobody would notice the phone there anyway, even with the blinking light. Heck, who’s gonna peek into a *CLK anyway? Not that I am expecting any calls or texts. He was with me anyway. Tak pasal2 kelam kabut.

So we went back to KLCC and made our way to the cinema. The movie has started. Yes, when you are late, that’s when they don’t play many commercials. Pffftt. And to make matters worse, we sat at the wrong seats pulak tu and had to change when the other people came in and ask, “Are you sitting at the correct seats?” Bikin malu je. Nasib baik gelap. And nasib baik pakai cermin mata 3D.

And oh, tak pasal2, we had to pay parking twice. Padan muka diri sendiri.

Btw, the movie is super-cute. You should watch it. Now i feel like having a dragon as pet. Does anyone know where to get one?

In case you're wondering, I am still using my trusty ol' Sony Ericsson. Surprisingly, it is OK now. perhaps it merajuk for a while, I don't know.

*Cute Little Kancil

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