Friday, March 12, 2010


have you ever had a dream so bad or scary that you woke up in the middle of your sleep? it happened to me twice recently. i dreamt about ghosts. it was really scary that i woke up gasping and my heart was beating furiously. and it was hard for me to go back to sleep after that.

one time i dreamt about a little girl who was bugging me in my sleep. it's like she doesn't allow me to sleep. and the worst part is, she sang Lady Gaga's Bad Romance to me. you know the part "rah rah ra ah ah...roma roma ma.." and from then on, i hated that song. i used to love that song, especially the "rah rah" part but not after i had that dream. every time i listen to that song, i'm reminded of my dream and it is not a pleasant one.

another time, i dreamt about a ghost who transformed into normal people and this ghost was trying to possess someone and we (there were a few other people in that dream) tried to kill it. when we thought that it has been killed or returned to its place, it's actually not. what we sent to that place was something else instead. so the ghost is still free. and then in one scene, we were at a garden and we said that whoever walks in the garden next is the ghost. then a little girl riding a tricycle came in. we thought that it couldn't be her but lo and behold, behind her was a small boy, who was the ghost. so i grabbed the boy by his neck and slammed him to the ground with the hope that i would kill him. he has this expression-less face. then we sent the boy to this place, which looks like a school. we thought that we have succeeded but i decided to stay on just to make sure that the boy entered the elevator. i hid behind a huge pillar and true enough, the boy did not go into the elevator but instead he changed into a female ghost who laughed hysterically. and i woke up because of her laugh.

i know my storyline may not make sense but the thing about dreams are that no matter how clear you have it in your mind, somehow rather it is very difficult to actually describe the place and the scene. this is more or less what i remember of my dreams. strangely enough, i still remember it till today because i always forgot what i dreamt about the night before, even though i know i had a dream. *sigh*

because of these dreams, i had sleepless nights. sleepless nights equal to cranky mornings. why can't i have sweet dreams with pretty things in it? or at least a cute ghost like Casper?


fidde said...

ever tried to 'create' your sweet dreams? i did. :)

Izyan Darling said...

how do you 'create' your sweet dreams?

Anonymous said...

hantu ju-on?

Izyan Darling said...

tatau la hantu ju-on ke, hantu apa ke. nyatanya sangat menakutkan sampai terjaga dari tidur. :(

~Sis~ said... scary la your nightmares! Me too, recently asyik nightmare ngarut2 je. Tudududu...