Thursday, March 04, 2010

lunchtime woes

Lunchtime is probably the most awaited time during working hours, besides balik time of course. OK so lunchtime is the most awaited time for the first half of the day. After lunch, balik time is what working people look forward to. I normally have my Herbalife shake (yes I am on a diet, sort of) for lunch but sometimes I would go out to lunch with my colleague(s) or with my bf.
What I don’t like about going out to lunch is that the one hour goes by ever so quickly (makanan pun tak sempat hadam). That one hour is the most precious time of the day where I get to do just whatever I want to. I could just switch off my light, close AND lock the door and sleep or I could play online games or catch up on other things online. It is the only time that I don’t get bothered by anyone, except for the office cleaner and the occasional ‘busy bee’ who would ask me to sign something during lunch. WTF?
Anyway, there are quite a number of restaurants and cafes in my office building which means there are plenty to choose from. There’s the food court, Secret Recipe, mamak shop, Iranian restaurant, Korean restaurant. You name it they have it. Almost. However what I don’t like about these restaurants is that they have very poor ventilation system. Try going to any of these restaurants and you’ll end up smelling like a kedai makan. I kid you not. The smell of the food, the cooking, the cigarette smoke will stick to your shirt, your hair and your whole body. And trust me, it is not a pleasant smell at all. It is no use to spray perfume after wards because in my opinion, it will only make the smell worse, regardless of what perfume you use. So there goes my sweet smell, there goes my wangi hair and there goes the smell of my perfume.
And to think that you have half the day to go through with that smell and what if you have a date after work? Hmphhh…what a turn off for your date, don’t you think?


twayblade said...

kalo makan kat kedai mamak, sure bau kambing melekat merata2 satu badan. so annoying!

Izyan Darling said...

bukan saja bau kambing malah bau kari, tandoori, maggi goreng, roti canai segala. silap2 bau mamak tu pun melekat.