Tuesday, March 02, 2010

trip to the zoo

The last time i went to the zoo was many years back. so during the recent CNY hols, i paid another visit to the zoo. it was fun. since it was a school holiday, the zoo was packed with kids, families and tourists alike.

Before that, breakfast at Melawati. Nothing beats a plate of freshly cooked nasi lemak in the morning.

If you're lazy to walk (like me), you can take the tram.

The tram stops at a few stations and you can get down and walk about. It is quite big and it is tiring so wearing proper shoes really help.

Bart the sea lion. The only animal show at the zoo. There are other animals performing as well. Not that interesting but okay-lah.

Malayan Sun-bear

Feeding the giraffes was so much fun. You can buy the leaves for RM3 to feed them.

It was hot as hell so this fan (which I got from a wedding I think) really comes in handy.

Flamingos and storks at the pond

Some birds at the aviary


Fishes in the aquarium

Rhino's ass

I didn't feed the elephants because I figured that they must be full from all the feedings.



When it is too hot, stop by for a nice & cold drink at the stalls.

Since you cannot get close enough to the bears, there's always the A&W Bear. This was at A&W Wangsa Walk Mall, btw. There is no A&W in the zoo.

A&W Root Beer & Float never fails to satisfy, especially on a sunny day.

Btw, we bumped into someone who later asked my bf "kau buat apa pergi zoo? kau bukan ada anak-anak pun." like, duh. Who says that the zoo is only for kids and families?

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sharax said...

haha.. gue pon penah deting kat zoo...