Friday, April 02, 2010

of online banking

The introduction of online banking is supposed to give us convenience, especially when it comes to paying bills. No more hassle of going to the bank, having to queue and perform the transaction manually. Thanks to online banking, everything can be done at your fingertips. Of course they charge a minimum fee of RM1.00 per transaction but what’s RM1.00 (or maybe more) compared to all the hassle to do it manually. I do online banking most of the time but sometimes when I have the privilege to do it manually, I would do it manually.

However, it is not that convenient really. Today I wanted to pay my maid’s telephone bill online as I didn’t have the chance to go to any Digi Center. I logged in my account and filled in the relevant details. Then I received the One Time Password (“OTP”) sent to my phone. Due to my own carelessness, which I admit, I entered the OTP wrongly. Thrice. Embarrassing, I know. But typo lah! Anyway, after the third time, it couldn’t be processed as my number has been blocked by the system. Great.

I called the helpline and told the person about this and after clarifying my identity and what not, she said that my phone will only be activated within 24 hours. That means I can only do my online banking tomorrow. How ‘convenient’ is that?

What makes me wonder is, why the hell do they take so bloody long to activate it? I have clarified my identity, I have given my particulars, so activate it already!! If the activation takes 2 hours or so, maybe I can accept but 24 freaking hours??

Now I cannot pay the telephone bill or do any other transaction until tomorrow. I bet the first thing my maid would ask me when I come home is "dah bayar bilnya kak?".


Anonymous said...

nampaknya kena lah byr manually...

Izyan Darling said...

a'ah terpaksa buat manually. sempat pergi digi center kat pavilion on saturday.

sharon said...

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Izyan Darling said...

thank you for visiting my blog sharon. :)
and thank u for the link. very useful indeed.