Friday, February 12, 2010

it pays but you don't have to pay

free dinner and free movie, who wouldn't want that? but is it possible to have a free dinner and/or free movie? yes it is. how, you may ask? try winning one. or two. or more.
on 6 feb. 2010, i got a dinner invitation from Litefm. i have won two invites previously, one for a japanese buffet dinner at Jogoya Japanese Restaurant, Starhill and the other was at Nipah Coffeehouse, Equatorial Hotel. how do i get these invites? simple. by entering a contest on Litefm. i was lucky to get selected twice. but this time i ask my bf to try his luck. i brushed some of my luck on to him and he got the invites. so we went here.

Good ol' Happy Days Restaurant at Taipan USJ.

the interior is like an old-fashioned American diner.

free food

Zak, Sara and Non

with Zak and Sara of the Lite Breakfast.
oh happy days~

what about the free movie? i won 4 in-season passes from to watch Tooth Fairy.

checkout the price. RM 0.00.

so the best things do come for free. it pays to try your luck at entering contests, doesn't it? and the best part is, you don't have to pay anything. ok except for a few cents to enter the sms contest. but what's a few cents or a ringgit as compared to a free movie?