Friday, October 02, 2009

of events and parkings

i think i have blogged about my frustration with regards to parking around my office area one too many times but i just could not help it. every time there is an exhibition or event going on at the KL Convention Center, the whole area will be a chaos. parking rates will increase dramatically. imagine from RM 7.00 per entry to RM 15.00 per entry. i kid you not. another parking lot charges from RM 8.00 per entry to RM 10.00. if i were to enter the parking in the morning, and then go to court in the afternoon and return to the office in the evening, i will have to pay twice. so you do the maths. there is one parking lot which does not increase the rate but of course it was full way before 9am.
the thing is, usually the parking lot for KL Convention Center is reserved for the exhibitors and the lot will be closed to public. so those who used to park there, will have to park somewhere else. but sometimes, i suppose the many halls in Convention Center is not enough (duhhhh) and the parking lot is used to set up tents. so, the exhibitors will have to park somewhere else, which makes parking for office workers much more limited.
i thought the Convention Center has many exhibition halls so why the need to set up tents in the parking lot?

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