Tuesday, October 27, 2009

event 3

Akon's Freedom Beach Party was awesome! the queue was really long but the excitement was beyond words. it drizzled for a while but that didn't stop the concert-goers to party. Hunny Madu and Nadya of Flyfm were the emcees for the night. the opening acts were Nikki and Caprice. unfortunately some people (foreigners mostly) were not being sporting that night that they booed Nikki and Caprice and they chanted Akon instead. i mean, come on, give them a breaklah. there were so many foreigners and not to mention, Akon wannabes hahaha.

Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

I got the RM188 tickets!!

The Pitt

Akon came up at about 9ish

He performed a stage-jump!

But i was not close enough to touch him.

The tickets were courtesy of Flyfm.

I was there!!

After-party passes that enables me to enter Ministry of Sound for free.

Overall, the concert was awesome! Hoever, Akon didn't sing the song 'Be With You', which is a current hit at the moment and some songs, he only sang snippets of it. Rumors has it that he mimed at the concert. i think so too but what the heck!


dipsz said...

eh akon buka baju.....faizal tahir juga buka....during his show masa tu....hahaha double standard!!

Izyan Darling said...

tau takpe. orang luar buat boleh, orang kita buat, tak boleh. double standard sungguh.