Monday, October 12, 2009

event 2

i consider myself lucky. alhamdulillah sometimes it is so easy for me to win a contest. this time is no exception. it was a very simple thing to do. in fact, it is not even a contest. all you have to do is submit your list of songs on for the Dial & Dine and if they happen to play your selection of songs on weekdays at 1-2pm, you have to call in and voila, you get to dine with the announcers. this was my 2nd Dial & Dine. last year i got invited to dine at Jogoya Japanese Buffet at Starhill.
told ya it was easy but i believe it depends on luck as well. hey, it's free meal with good company, so why not? and no, no slogans required.

Nipah Coffeeshop, Equatorial Hotel, KL


with the announcers but Rex was not present that night.

they asked questions and i answered and i got a Jim Brickman double cd. this was with Sara, the announcer. you can listen to her on weekday mornings on the Lite Breakfast show, 6-10am.
a friend got the Kenny G album and gave it to me.

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