Monday, October 05, 2009

event 1

It was the cue to call. I merely tried my luck and got through So i won these two invites.

the passes

the sponsors

Redken hair products

i got my hair done for free!

Maybelline products

i also got a makeover done for free!

the ladies waiting in line for hair & makeup. who doesn't want a free hair & makeup done by the professionals, right?

the event was ok. kinda boring, actually. the emcees, Rudy & Moots from was ok but at one point they were only busy entertaining the people from the HOT magazine and they kinda ignored the guests. i think the guests merely stayed for the sake of staying. there was a performance by James Baum but the songs were not too familiar to my ears. i might have missed a few events when i was doing my makeup and hair. there were lucky draws but i wasn't lucky. come to think of it, i was hardly lucky at lucky draws. but at least i was lucky enough to win the passes.

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