Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the after raya

raya holidays have ended. work has started. how was your raya? hope you had a good time with your loved ones.
so yesterday i started puasa nam. my parents also did. well actually i never really thought of puasa nam but since i had rice for dinner the night before, i felt guilty. the lauks were sardine, ulam2 rebus, sayur rebus, ikan masin and sambal tempoyak. yes, it may sound simple but with this kind of lauk, it is more dangerous because everything tasted so nice so i tend to have 2nd (and maybe 3rd) helpings of rice. i don't do puasa nam, to be honest. but then i thought, why not give it a try. why wait until the very last minute to ganti puasa, like this year. i only finished ganti puasa 3 days before ramadhan started. very last minute, kan? bad.
anyhow i managed to get 2 days of puasa nam already, yeay! *clap clap* but it's hard to puasa with people around you eating and munching. i may or may not puasa tomorrow. we shall see how. we still have a number of days of Syawal left anyway.

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