Tuesday, October 20, 2009

of concerts and postponements

what's with concerts in Malaysia being cancelled/rescheduled/postponed? i personally think it's too much. one after another concert is being either cancelled/rescheduled/postponed. if there are so many issues, why approve it in the first place? fans have been waiting and anticipating the concert since day 1 but then it got postponed time and again. i am not much of a concert-goer. heck, i don't think i've been to any concert in my life. as much as i love the artiste and/or the songs, i don't go to the extent of spending hundreds of ringgit to purchase the concert tickets. but if i am interested in going, what i'll do is enter contests that gives away concert tickets. this is when i rely and hope on my lucky charm.
that's exactly what i did for the upcoming Akon Freedom Beach Party Concert. the last time Akon was supposed to perform, i did try to call in Flyfm during the cue to call but i never got through. instead i won in-season passes to watch the movie Ice Age 3. so yeah, i win some, i lose some. it's better than not winning anything, right? i thought, ok fine, takde rezeki lah nak tengok Akon. so when they postponed it, i thought, ada jugak hikmahnya i didn't win it.
that was then.
now that Akon's concert has been rescheduled to 24 October 2009, i never thought that radios are still giving out concert tickets. so one fine day, while i was driving, i heard that they are gonna play the cue to call soon. i waited anxiously. when Hunny Madu gave the cue to call, i immediately called in. there was a ringing tone! i was so nervous (don't ask me why). eventually, she picked up my call. luckily she picked up my call on time or i'll be disconnected. she asked me, "may i know who is this?" and instead of answering her, i immediately said "please tell me i'm the 8th caller through!!" yes, i was super excited ok. to add to my excitement, she said i was the 8th caller through.
so yes, i was lucky. the fact that i got through is one thing, the fact that i was the caller that they're looking for is another.
the only thing is, i'm gonna have to figure out when i should collect the tickets, which is all the way in Bandar Utama. damn it. courier je lah. pfft.

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Arief Arf said...

i can pick it up for you and go to the concert on your behalf,