Monday, November 02, 2009

weekend project part 19

This is an overdue post. this project was done on the weekend that i went to Akon's concert, which was 2 weeks back. i had a friend over at my house so i decided to bake a cake. i have had the recipe for quite some time but i never got around to trying it. the recipe is simple, but a bit of a hassle because i had to whip two separate batters. the cake turned out ok, soft & moist, just nice but the cheese was not distinct. it is called "Chocolate Marble Cheesecake" by the way. i'm not keen on baking it again in the future, though. it is not so chocolatey and not so cheesy. maybe i should find another recipe.

kindly ignore the long beans. takde kena mengena dengan recipe.

cream cheese batter

chocolate cake batter

pour one part of chocolate batter into the baking tin.

pour the cream cheese batter on top.

pour the remaining chocolate batter.

bake bake bake. the recipe says that it can be steamed as well.

turn the cake upside down when it is cooled.

cut when the cake is completely cooled. as you can see, that's the marble effect.


dipsz said...

babe ble kasi i recipe betul2 tak?

Izyan Darling said...

u nak recipe babe? remind me nanti i email kat u.