Tuesday, August 14, 2007

weekend project part 1

sometimes i have this sudden urge to bake. thankfully all the ingredients are available at home so i put on my apron and whipped up a moist chocolate cake on Sunday. well, it's sort of a preview for sis. she wanted me to bake her not one but two cakes for her engagement day so i gotta 'perfect' the recipe. it turned out just the way it should be. i am one happy happy baker. sis, approved? no? btw the last two pics are not that clear, thanks to my trusty phone. perhaps i should start selling cakes so that i can get a new, cool phone with cool features and high megapixels. now that's a thought.

1 comment:

msYuz said...

MasyaAllah lapar lah pulak tgh2 mlm nie >> ummmmm :P~