Saturday, August 11, 2007

check this out

i think that the old blog skin was plain and boring so i decided to switch to this new skin, which is very very different because it's blue and not pink! i thought i'd do some change. asyik-asyik pink pun boring jugak, kan? truth is i couldn't find a nice, sweet pink skin that suits me just yet. but then all the additional widgets on the side is gone. yup. missing. kapish. and my sean ghazi video is also gone. damn. i have saved the earlier template but it just doesn't seem to work when i copied it. so i guess i'll have to create new lists and also a new shoutbox, if i want to. leceh la waddaya think of this new layout? nice? no?


msYuz said...

better in fact! sorry u couldn't get d actual pinK u wanted babe, hmm but no chatbox eh?

Izyan Darling said...

tu la...xjumpa la pink skin yg nice.but it's a change la kan.if kak fairuz jumpa skin site yg best,bgtau eh? pasal cbox plak,kena wat baru sbb yg lama nye dah hilang.dh try copy dr dulu nye template tp xberjaya.kena la start all over again.kena ada la cbox kan,senang nk cite. hehe..