Tuesday, August 14, 2007

us vs them

it always amazes me to see how fast and rapid celebrities lose their weight. it looks like a breeze. one minute they have baby blabber, the next minute they're already sporting skinny jeans. one day they look like puffer fish, the next day they look like catwalk models. how on earth did they do it? why is it so damn hard for us mere mortals, or rather 'normal' people to lose even an inch around the waist, let alone the unwanted pounds? let's do some comparison now, shall we?

CELEBRITIES- they have tons and tons and gazillions of money, thus enabling them to:
  • hire a personal trainer
  • hire a personal nutritionist
  • hire a personal cook
  • have their own gym (even when they're on tour or on the set)
  • buy organic food (which supposedly is healthier)
  • eat all kinds of multivitamins and supplements
  • buy expensive clothes (that can probably feed a whole nation) which can hide their figure
  • go under the knife/lipo/botox you-name-it
MERE MORTALS/'NORMAL PEOPLE' (like you and me, unless you're angelina jolie/carmen elektra/eva mendes and you're reading My CrAp ShEEt)- we don't have tons and tons and gazillions of money, therefore we can't afford any one of the above. or in my case none of the above.

so that's why. but..it is possible for us mere mortals to lose weight & inches, right? there IS hope, isn't it? but how la to lose weight if every weekend buat kek. *sigh*


msYuz said...

"...unless you're angelina jolie/carmen elektra/eva mendes and you're reading My CrAp ShEEt."

sarcastic, eh? haha

they were probably damn jealous dat we're mortals who will never feel guilty 2 munch on n live normally. weight on yo-yo is dangerous, n dats y nowadays elizabeth taylor ends up being strolled in wheelchair, plus oprah winfrey complaining on strict diet n exercise routine.

fame is such a high price to pay, kan?

Izyan Darling said...

well, in case u haven't noticed, 'sarcastic' is my middle name. hahahha. are they jealous of us or the other way round? but then come to think of it, i don't wanna be pressured to look good, worry about how my hair is done, whether my makeup is ok or not just to grab a newspaper at a nearby store. and then there's the paparazzi who's always looking out for you, waiting for you to screw up and capturing you doing your most private things and having intimate moments.

fame is indeed a high price to pay. but is it worth it?

souled_oUt said...

hi izyan.. love reading ur blog.. keep on updating yea..

btw.. im an excbner jugak.. same batch with you =)

Izyan Darling said...

hello souled_out. thank u for dropping by My CrAp ShEEt. really appreciate u reading it. but u sapa eh?

farah said...

hello izyan! kak farah here.. tu laa these stars, they have ppl taking care of them, trainer to push them to exercise la, nutritionist la, personal chef to prepare yummy food yang tak ada banyak sangat kilojoule la, and dun forget plastic surveries, gastric bypass and liposuction. and those pills. urgh.

i wish kita bleh senang2 je turun berat kan? as for myself, sebab kena life altering experience, terus weight drop. ni i oso takut badan i kembangkembung balik :p

take care!!!