Friday, August 24, 2007

Bleugh! part 7

  • some people can be either too stupid or too ignorant. it's common sense that when you are in an elevator, you should at least have the courtesy to push the 'door open' button. don't just stand there looking pretty (eventhough you are not!) and look at people getting knocked by the elevator door. it happened this morning but not to me but i can't help feeling annoyed at this one 'auntie'. a girl was almost squashed by the elevator door and all she did was just look at her. how stupid can you get? there was one time i wanted to get into the elevator but it was almost closing. so i did not go in. and then one woman said to me, 'you patut masuk je. nanti pintu tu terbukak punya.' i was like, wtf? so i said, 'tak mau lah. pintu tu tertutup la nanti.' and then she went, 'tak ada apa punya!' to which i replied, 'no way. i'd rather not. i'm not gonna risk myself. you la masuk! kenapa you tak masuk?' her face changed.
  • it's almost the end of the month. it's the school holidays. note to self, stay away from shopping malls and supermarkets. ya Allah going to supermarkets at this time of the month is horror! i mean i love kids but it's the parents that annoyed me. but the kids do too. orang besar ada trolley, dia pun nak ada trolley jugak. and then there's the little brats who went running here and there like it was a huge playground. and then there's the big ones yang dah besar gedabak but still wanna sit in the trolley. not to forget the ones who were screaming at the top of their lungs because mummy and daddy refused to buy the snacks/chocs etc. gosh.
  • if i were hanging out in the mall on a working day, logically i would stay away from the food court during lunch time. time orang nak lunch, time tu la all these teenagers, muda mudi nak makan jugak. tak mati kan kalau tak makan tepat2 jam 12 atau 1? can't you wait till the office crowd has gone back to their offices? if i were them, i'd rather wait for the food court to clear. one more thing, you know the rush hour starts at 530pm. the lrt wil be super duper extra crowded omg so busuk. so do you have to go home at that time too? can't you go home earlier or later? i just don't get it. i just don't.
  • it is the school holidays (and thank God it's almost over). yes people come to Malaysia, come to KL. but boleh tak jangan buat macam negara sendiri? please, by all means go shop till you drop and what not but do you have to scream at your kids in a crowded shopping mall, talk ever so loudly, stand in the middle of the way, stand in front of an escalator etc?


souled_oUt said...

izyan..i sooo feel u okeh.. dulu2 i gi keje naik komuter.. mmg tension betul time cuti skolah.. time rush hour org2 ofis balik time tu jugakla kau nak balik kannn.. mmg pack + busuk + panas gila dlm komuter sampai tak terlarat nak memaki2 dah..

tp yg part yg ok skit time cuti skolah ni jalan tak jem sgt..

btw.. im finaz.. dunno whether u kenal i ke tak.. dulu kelas 3N year 1998

Izyan Darling said...

haaa tau takpe! tension gila kan? i xnaik lrt everyday. i drive ke ofis but there are times i naik lrt and yes, it's soooo depressing! sabo je la. u shafinaz yg putih2 tu kan? kita sama cbn 1 kan?