Wednesday, August 08, 2007

BLEUGH! is back! part 6

to those who have been reading read my friendster blog, you may have come across my BLEUGH! posts, which unsurprisingly (knowing me, that is) has come to BLEUGH! part 5. so now am gonna continue with more BLEUGH posts, starting with these:
  • DiGi ad with not one but tens of thousands of momok kunings getting all pumped up. euwwww!
  • DiGi ad where Apek appeared from out of nowhere for example in a newly-wed's room. another one is where he appeared on top a roof.
  • Rejoice ad. first, because it was alihsuara. second, what's with the stepmother-like character? third is because suddenly a goofy-looking person appeared in the bush where the girl collects the ear-ring.
  • Wall's Mini Poppers ad, the one with the tv3 personality in it.
  • I cannot stand the voice behind the nst/harian metro ad promoting the Sunway Lagoon ticket giveaway whatever. simply annoying.

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