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Where in the world is this place? What kind of place is it? Are you kidding me? It's actually a piece of heaven on earth. I mean, hello, it received FIVE stars on agoda, 331 out of 464 reviews voted it as excellent on tripadvisor, rated 5/5 on asiawebdirect and also FIVE stars on
Well, can you actually trust online reviews? Heck, yes!! I mean, the resort received full star ratings on all four websites. OK if you are not convinced enough, allow me to show you how the resort looked like and tell me if you think it deserves the five star ratings. Check out the photos below:







See, what did I tell you? If that is not five-star material, I don't know what is. Don't you wish you were right there in Paresa Resort, Phuket, this very moment? I wish I am! How I wish I can wake up in that huge gorgeous king sized bed to a magnificent view of the blue sky and the sounds of sea waves crashing through and the birds chirping happily. Bliss. And to soak my tired self in that bath tub, overlooking the sea. Or just lounging in the balcony while sipping on a glass of fresh coconut juice. What a life...

If I were staying in the Paresa Resort, I need to look good and stylish too. I can't be wearing my yoga pants and t-shirt, can I? It is, after all, a luxury resort so one's gotta look the part. Where can I get pretty outfits for my getaway? Fashion Valet, of course! 

Silk Pareo in Pink
This piece is actually a pareo but how cool is it that I can double it up as a halter neck dress? Best of all, it is made of silk. So imagine yourself wrapped in gorgeous soft silk while lounging on the balcony. 
This piece is from Karyaneka and it is RM210.94.

Pareo Long Dress with Tropical Print in Olive
I can totally see myself in this Pareo Long Dress from Haizi, priced at RM339.20.
Pareo Long Dress with Tropical Print in Olive 
Like the above pareo from Karyaneka, this piece is also versatile whereby you can wear it in two different ways.

So from what I have chosen above, basically you can have 4 different looks with 2 pieces of clothing. Now that is what I call being practical, traveling smart and traveling light. And what a good value for money too!

Lily Balconette Bikini Set in Navy
Too bad I don't have the body to pull off this gorgeous pair of bikini from Indikah on the beach! But who says I can't wear them in my own private suite, while having a nice relaxing bubble bath in the bath tub?

Jet Set Tote in Lily
I need a huge and practical tote bag to putt all my stuffs i.e sunglasses, lip balm, sun block, scarf, purse, handphone, keys, wipes, hand sanitizer etc so this Jet Set Tote from Mischa would be perfect.

Cape Front Shoes in Red and Wheat 
Having to walk by the beach and considering the need to take on and off shoes frequently, this pair of Cape Front Shoes from Cipela Espadrilles looks like it can do the job perfectly. It looks stylish and I bet they are comfy as well. 

Dreams are free but Fashion Valet is being generous and they're giving out a 4D3N stay at the Paresa Resort. Therefore, I'd like to win a stay and Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad because I believe the name says it all:

Perfectly situated
Amazing view
Resort luxury
Excellent design                  
Simply breathtaking
A magical place

Exceptional services
Sensual spa
One of a kind
Relax and rejuvenate
The best

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