Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Easy Yummy Banana Cake For Tea

Who doesn't love banana cakes? When your bananas are overripe and doesn't taste that yummy to be eaten on its own, don't throw them away. Instead, put them in a freezer. You can either put it with the skin on or peel the skin and put in a container or a freezer bag. Another way to freeze them is by mashing them first. You can freeze them according to cup sizes eg 1/2 cup or 1 cup for easy references for future bakings.

Last weekend, I made a lovely banana cake using the frozen banana I had. One time I made banana pancakes, which Babycakes absolutely loved. She had fun mashing the frozen bananas too. I got the recipe from taste.com.au, my go-to website for easy, yummy and reliable recipes. The name of the recipe says it all- Easy Banana Cake.

Sometimes when I have a bit more time, I would read some of the reviews, even though the recipe received 5 stars.I am glad I did because some reviews mentioned about the high sugar content and suggested to reduce the sugar amount especially if your bananas are super ripe. I did just that and my cake turned out divine. It was absolutely delicious, fluffy with just the right sweetness so much so that my dad, who isn't into cakes and sweet stuffs that much, asked me to bake again. I have another 1/2 cup of mashed frozen bananas in the freezer but the next time I'm doing this cake, I am gonna double the recipe so I can get a bigger cake.

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