Friday, April 17, 2015

An Introduction To My Babypie, My Son

I realized (a bit too late, I am sorry Babypie) that I have not properly introduced my son, my babypie, Mohamad Isaac Rizal to my blog. I have mentioned babypie a few times but I have not really posted about him. So here he is, my babypie.

He came into this world on Friday, 3 October 2014 and he is 6 months old now. Isn't it fast and amazing how time flies right before our eyes? He is such a precious bundle of joy who just adds up to our colourful little family. I must say that my family is now complete and alhamdulillah I am blessed with a pair of healthy, beautiful children. I couldn't thank Allah enough for His blessings.

See from that tiny (not that tiny actually considering that he weighed 3.34kgs at birth) to BAAMM!! a whopping 9kgs+ at 6 months!

Anyway, since we are talking about babypie here, may I ask your kind favour to vote for his picture in this website. I just need more than 150 likes for him to be eligible to win a trophy and certificate. He is in number 171 so if you find it a hassle to scroll and find his chubby face and delightful smile as above, you can press Ctrl + F and type his name Isaac and simply vote for his picture. You may do so once every 24 hours until 31 May 2015.
I thank you for your effort. :) I will probably blog about his birth story (with pictures!), just like I did with babycakes. Soon, insyaallah.

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