Monday, April 28, 2014

I Am Not Alone

Though I've yet to feel the tiny kicks and hiccups, I know you are inside of me tumbling and swimming around, safe and sound. Though my back and butt hurt when I sit or stand too long, though I have to wake up once or twice in the middle of the night to pee, though I've slowly started to waddle like a penguin (wearing a black & white outfit combo doesn't help either), though my tummy itches every now and then, though my lower abdomen hurts like hell every time I sneeze and cough (every.single.time that I have to hold my tummy to ease the pressure), though my calves look like I have purplish-blue spiders crawling on them, though I can't stretch properly every time I wake up because when I do, I can feel a muscle pull coming especially at my calves, though I get emotional for the little things (pity your Daddy for being the victim, and occasionally your sister), I am truly blessed to be going through this journey, again. They say each pregnancy is different and I must agree, even though so far there isn't much difference as compared to when I was pregnant with your sister. The gynae said because my body has gone through this process before, the body tends to be a bit more sensitive.
Alhamdulillah the last check up went well but you were too shy to show me whether you are a princess or a prince. You know Mummy is an impatient person so of course you decided to test that and make Mummy wait for another month till your next check up. I know. Oh well, as long as you are fine and healthy and growing accordingly inside there, Mummy's happy. But please be kind to Mummy ya? Let's make this journey easy for both of us, shall we? We are, after all, a team, right?

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