Friday, April 11, 2014

Little Miss Chatterbox

If there is one word to describe my Babycakes, the perfect word would be Chatterbox.
This girl talks a lot, like a lot a lot! Sometimes I can't believe that a 2 1/2 year old can say such things, can ask such questions, can talk that much. I guess she must have gotten it from me. Well at least a lot of people say too. "Mummy kan lawyer, banyak cakap. Tu yang dia ikut tu." Not sure if that is a compliment or a sarcasm though.
Anyway my Babycakes can talk fluent Malay, alhamdulillah no pelat/slang whatsoever. I just need to speak English with her more so that she can master both languages. I also have to watch my word, especially when I am with her. For example, everyday when I pick her up from the nursery, I would come to a T-junction on the way home. It gets a bit hard to go out because people just never give way and worst, they never turn on their signals. So I would say "These people!! Bagila aku masuk!! Aku nak balik rumah ni!" To my surprise, not long after, Babycakes said the exact same words when we reached the T-junction. Lucky I didn't use any foul language or else habis!
Another  incident was when she asked me, "Semalam balik pukul berapa?" I was speechless. The previous night I went out with my friends and when I came back, she was already asleep with Daddy. I know she must have heard me asking hubby sometimes. But I never thought she would ask me the same! Wait till you're 20+, Mummy will ask you that same question ok?
She also has an answer to everything. One time I took her to see her grandparents i.e. my parents. We went out to dinner and then it was already 11pm. So i said to her "Irene, masuk car. Jom balik." She then said, "Irene tak nak balik. Nak masuk rumah. Irene nak rehat." Yes, she can speak in a full complete sentence, I am not kidding. I was like "What rehat? You can rehat di rumah. Balik rumah tidur!" She said "Tak nak!" And then I had to coax her by saying "Jom balik, nanti kita minum susu kokit (susu coklat)" She said "Tak nak susu kokit. Dah kenyang."
I could go on and on about her but I shall stop before I get emotional (damn pregnancy hormones!) Sigh my baby is all grown up. I love to hear her talk, what with her husky voice and all, though it can be tiring at times to answer and respond to her because she can ask the same thing over and over again. My mum always reminded me "Must always be patient with her, talk nicely with her, layan her so that she becomes more and more bijak yada3." I know she will definitely be my kawan berborak (and bertekak) later in life lol. Mummy love you so much Babycakes!

Picture taken at Fraser's Hill, November 2013


~f@R~ said...

Alhamdullilah and congrats on your second pregnancy. Semoga Allah permudahkan semua. Irene will so enjoy having another sibling inshaallah.

Totally get the whole not knowing when to announce pregnancy on FB thing.I only announce via blog and told family and close friends privately... lawak bila I gave birth to my babies ada kawan yg xtau pun I pregnant :p hehe

Izyan Darling said...

Thank you Far & amin to your doa. Tu la karang kalau kita terlebih share, takut orang menyampah ke apa pulak kan. At least dalam blog, I don't think ramai yang baca pun hehe.