Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Merah Merah Delima

Honestly I haven't been eating anything 'special' for this pregnancy. By 'special' I meant specific foods or drinks that is supposed to be good for pregnant mothers and the fetus. When I was pregnant with Irene, at least I drank Anmum Materna religiously but this time, I don't feel like gulping down a cup of chocolate milk. One time I received a sample from this one brand (for the life of me, I forgot the name!) but I just find it very revolting. I would gag when I take a sip because it tasted like fish oil or cod liver oil. It's so yucky I couldn't drink it. So Hubby bought Dumil Mama, chocolate flavour and asked me to try. I tried a few times in my 1st trimester and maybe at that time due to the bad all-day sickness, I  refused to drink it. I still have half a packet left so I better finish it up. 
Anyway, I saw and read articles on how good pomegranates are in general and also for pregnant mothers. So i thought, OK this is something that I can eat and won't mind eating. There are also a lot of pomegranate juice (jus buah delima) and pomegranate essence (pati buah delima) in the market. But if you can have the real stuff, raw and in its original form, that would be even better, right? God knows how 'pure' those juices and essences are. I am pretty sure they add some kind of preservatives, sweeteners and food coloring. So my hunt for pomegranate(s) began.
There is a fruit shop cum cafe near my office and they sell pomegranates, among others. The price? RM9.90 per piece. Per piece!! And the fruit isn't as big as my palm too! I decided not to buy because I think it's a bit too expensive.

Yesterday I went to MBG fruit stall and they sold pomegranates at RM3.19 per 100g. I chose one piece and it came to RM10.50. It is the one on the right, with the sticker on. It is slightly bigger than my palm, definitely much bigger than the one I saw at the shop near my office. Hubby also found a pomegranate at a kedai runcit in Ampang and he bought it for RM7 per piece. It's the one on the left. It's the same size as the one I bought. But so much cheaper.
I brought the one I bought to office today and decided to cut it open. The skin is redder than the one hubby bought and the top part is open but I am not sure if it is any indication about the ripeness or juiciness of the fruit. The tiny bits are red, plump and juicy. I spent about 10 minutes getting them all out from the skin into a container.

I got a small container full of glistening red little rubies. They are plump, juicy and sweet. Worth my RM10.50. :D I will compare with the other one when I opened it. I am munching on these little red rubies as we speak and I feel healthy already lol.

Here are some links I found on the goodness of pomegranates:


Farah said...

Hi, Jamie Oliver said to make it easier to extract those seeds, ketuk the back of the fruit with senduk. it actually works :)

Izyan Darling said...

Hi Farah! Thank you for the tip! I know there must be an easy way to doing it but never thought of it. I'll see if it helps in removing the seeds easily. :)