Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The All-Day Sickness

Alhamdulillah I haven't really been craving for anything unusual so far, and hopefully not ever. Now that my all-day sickness and nauseous (seriously why the heck do they call it morning sickness when it's practically all-day??) has subsided (I still throw up every once in a while but it's is not as bad as before), I can now start eating properly and not feel like I've been poisoned. I mean seriously, the nauseous and vomitting was so bad. I can't eat anything basically. Even a simple, mild meal like oats, Koko Krunch or plain crackers with milo for breakfast. Within an hour or less, I would start running to  the toilet to throw up. I drank some plain water and hey what do you know, I will throw up plain water too! And when there's nothing left in my poor tummy, I will still throw up, only this time, it's stomach acid. It's yellowish in colour, tasted bitter and sour and horrible. I ate lunch, of course I throw up lunch, be it nasi campur, soup noodles or buns. 
To add to my misery, I am very sensitive towards smells, especially cooking smells. Heck, I can't even stand the smell of coffee when my colleagues made them! To make matters worst, below my office is a row of pubs, a Thai restaurant, a Chinese coffee shop and at the end of the block is Soul'ed Out Cafe. My office is situated on the 1st floor so the smells from the cooking below would come up and made me even more nauseous. I even resorted to refraining myself from drinking a lot of water because I just don't want to go to the toilet as it will make me gag, and most of the time throw up, not so much from the smell of the toilet but the cooking below.
On better days, I would throw up maybe 2-3x a day but on some really bad days, I even threw up 5-6x a day. So can you imagine how 'meh' I felt? Sometimes the gagging and the retching was so bad that tears and sweat all came out. Sigh. I kept telling myself, "Please be over" "Please let this be a short period" "Please be kind today" "Please no throwing up today" and kept reminding myself that I am carrying another life inside me and the end product at the end of the pregnancy will be worth it, Insyallah. That's what's everyone has been telling me too but if you have been throwing up like a bulimic, no amount of words could calm you down. 
Sometimes when I threw up at home, Babycakes would come to the toilet and ask me, about a thousand times, "Mummy, putah (muntah) ke?" On one hand I felt aww such a thoughtful little girl I have but on the other hand, I feel like screaming because how the heck am I supposed to answer when I feel like my whole intestine and guts are pouring out? *exaggeration added* She would also come to the toilet and patted my butt or my thigh to calm me. So sweet, right? I also asked her to rub some nutmeg balm on my back and on my forehead, which she would be ever so willing to do. 
During the weeks that I felt like death, I just want to lie down everytime I go home so I would tell Babycakes "Mummy nak rehat ok? Jangan kacau Mummy. Irene duduk diam2 ok?" Who am I kidding? How can you expect a 2 1/2 year old to sit quietly? It's like telling a cat not to eat the fish in front of it. -_- So to keep her 'occupied' I asked her to do these instead.

 It's a win-win situation.
She's happy she gets to play with the lotion and rub it all over my feet and legs and I'm happy to get a free foot and leg massage and also get to lie down for a few minutes. And what happens if I fell asleep and left her on her own? These.
She opened my handbag and took out my make-up bag and started applying the make-up on her face.
Peace Mummy! -_- Nak marah ada, geram sudah semestinya! Tapi kelakar pun iye jugak.  Habis my eye shadows, my compact powder and my lip balms kena korek. And there were traces of it on the bedsheet and her clothes and pants. Pandai pulak buat peace kat Mummy kan! Sigh, my pride and joy.

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