Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Merry Go Round

Having a baby/toddler will definitely bring out the kid in you. When was the last time you went on a merry go round? When you're an adult, you won't be going on a merry go round just because, right? Unless you're in Genting Highlands or a funfair lah but not an open merry go round in a shopping mall. So when you have a kid/toddler/baby, this is the perfect opportunity to go on one. Don't tell me you don't get excited when you see a merry go round. Come on, admit it. I won't tell! 
Last Sunday I was in Sunway Pyramid and on the lower ground floor there was a mini funfair of some sort. I am not sure if it is permanent or temporary but I got all excited upon seeing a huge ferris wheel, rides and merry go round that I just have to take Babycakes on it. Hubby was not with us as he went to see his client so he dropped us at Pyramid and the both of us went on the merry go round. There were a few other rides but Babycakes was too small to go on it. I was excited to take her on the merry go round and she was excited too! Her expression is priceless. I just had to record it on video but at the same time I had to hold on to her to make sure she doesn't slip off and fall. That would be tragic. Check out her video below. 

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