Tuesday, October 09, 2012

no longer exclusive

At 1 year 9 days, Babycakes had her first taste of formula milk, brand Enfagrow A+. It was a Sunday so I thought I might as well let her try and see if she's ok with it.  She had her 1 year appointment with the pediatrician on Friday and her pedi was surprised to see that she barely gained any weight since the last visit. Well, she did lose a lot of weight when she was sick. I asked the pedi about formula and he said any formula will do. He then gave us 2 packets of Pediasure to sample.  So last night, Babycakes had a bottle of Pediasure. I told hubby that we needed to buy formula coz her milk stash is almost gone so hubby went on and bought Dugro, without even consulting me. GRRRR. I haven't even surveyed for the milk and I want to choose the best. I want to take the time to go through the various brands of milk that were available but mr. smart guy went on and simply bought Dugro. We haven't tried it yet but I hope Babycakes will like it and I hope it will not have any adverse effect on her.
So with a heavy heart I hereby declare that Babycakes is no longer exclusively on breastmilk. I still nurse her at night and still pump (although not much) so at least all is not lost.

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