Friday, October 05, 2012

dentist appointment

When was the last time you met your dentist? When was the last time you went to a dental clinic? Wait, do you even have a dentist to begin with? 
As for me, I can't remember when was the last time I met my dentist and I have no idea when was the last time I went to a dental clinic either. And oh, I don't even have my own dentist! It's that bad, I know. Aren't we all supposed to see the dentist every 6 months or so? Heh, definitely not me. Unless and until I have some tooth problem, then only I will make a trip to the dental clinic. Alhamdulillah I am blessed with a good set of teeth but of course they are stained with coffee and all. I take good care of my oral hygiene but one day, just a day before Merdeka, I made a trip to the dental clinic, after so many years. 
It started a few days before that when I felt something wrong with one of my molars. So on Thursday 30 August 2012, after court, I made a quick trip to a Klinik Pergigian 1 Malaysia (is that what it's called?) in Sentul. They accept walk-ins on Thursdays so I did not make any appointment. I know I can always go to some private dental clinic but I'm pretty sure it'll cost a bomb so I opted for the Klinik Kerajaan instead. :D

The clinic is located somewhere in Sentul, and it's not really easy to locate but with the help of my gps, I managed to find the clinic.
I wonder how old this clinic is...
The signage.
Up the stairs we go.
The registration counter. The nurses are friendly.

So they don't have the most modern clinic but the service is really good and efficient. Thank God there were not many people that day so I only waited for a few minutes.

The dentist is a young lady dentist, who was really nice. It turned out that my wisdom tooth has chipped! Gosh how the hell did that happen? The dentist suggested to do some scaling. Is it called scaling or filling? I forgot but it's tampal basically so it should be filling, right? She said it's best to extract the tooth, which required surgery and I needed to make an appointment yada3 but the best solution for now is to tampal the gigi. I told her, ok, tampal the gigi it is. I mean, hello, surgery? Extract the tooth? NO WAY! The thought of it makes me cringe. During the process, it was definitely not pleasant at all. I got so ngilu that I clung on to the sides of the chair. I kept telling myself "Childbirth is more painful, childbirth is more painful. If i can go through labour and childbirth, this is nothing!" It didn't really work by the way so I had to endure the ngilu-ness of it all. This is why I HATE going to the dentist!! Before I know it, it was done and the dentist advised me not to eat anything for at least 1/2 hour. And it was almost lunchtime. Tsk. I was told to come in again if the problem persists but for now, so far so good. Heck, it better stay good. I ain't making a second trip to the dentist.
The fee? RM3. Awesome. RM1 for registration and RM2 for the tampal. If I had gone to some private dental clinic near my office, I'm sure it would costs more than RM50.

So people, the government has provided such services for us, why not go ahead and make full use of it? ;)

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