Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Hold your breath

It's a technique that everyone should master, in my opinion. OK if you can't hold your breath, at least learn to breathe through your mouth. Thank God I know how to do both because there are certain places where I just have to hold my breath or breathe through my mouth. The places are (in no particular order):
  1. Public toilets, the office toilet, every other toilet for that matter, except for my own toilet at home (unless hubby just used it beforehand to do his big business) and some fancy restaurant or hotel's toilets.  Speaking of toilets, I hate going to Tesco or Giant's toilet and I dread the day when Babycakes is potty trained and/or old enough and wanted to go to the toilet with me. Gaaah!! I mean, you know how public toilets are, right? OK let's not divert from the topic.
  2. In the elevator. The moment I enter an elevator, I would either hold my breath or breathe through my mouth. It's automatic. You know how crammed elevators can be sometimes and you are barely inches away from the other person. Some people don't really smell nice even in the morning. Even if there are nobody in the elevator, I would still hold my breath or breathe through my mouth sometimes because some elevators are kepam and doesn't smell fresh and sometime other people's smell linger even after they have left. Bleugh.
  3. When I pass by certain chinese herbal tea shop in shopping malls. I am sorry I don't mean to offend anybody but I just can't stand the smell of the herbs or tea boiling away with eggs. If I do not hold my breath, I would feel nauseous.
  4. When I pass by certain restaurants near my office. Same as the above. I just can't stand the smell.
  5. When I pass by security guards, contractors, workers etc because let's be honest, they stink. Please don't get me wrong, I have my utmost respect towards them for they are earning an honest living but my oh my I just can't stand their smell. 
Where far the above 5 are a sure bet situation where I will either hold my breath or breathe through my mouth. What about you? Do you do the same? 

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