Monday, October 22, 2012

online shopping basics

I am not so much of a shopaholic but I am an avid online shopper. I love browsing online shops and I've made quite a lot of purchases online.I especially love buying stuffs for Babycakes online. I can't help it that the clothes for baby girls are too damn cute. The prices vary so I try to shop diligently. I do buy clothes for me online too but sometimes I don't trust the sizing guide that much. It's unfortunate that my body is out of proportion so I can't really rely on the sizing. If i buy, it's a gamble, really. 
Anyway, some online shop owners are very friendly and efficient while some are just plain annoying and not to mention cocky. 

First example:
On FB. When people ask the price for an item, is it so hard for them to just reply it in the comment box? If they do, others will see it too so there's no need for 10 people asking for the same thing. Some would reply in the comment box with the price but most will reply "I pm u ye" or "Please pm for best price" or "Please LIKE our page and send us a message for the price" or  "sorry I can't pm you because you are not in my list/you haven't LIKED our page yet". Gosh I find this annoying. I may be interested in one item in your shop but that doesn't mean I LIKE your page. And are you that hardworking and efficient to reply the pms one by one?
Second example:
Also on FB. People ask, "How much is this?" They would reply by providing a link to their website. Aiyoh is it so hard to reply RMxx. And why not go the extra length and say "RMxx not inclusive of postage. Postage is RMxx."
Third example:
I left a comment in the comment box for an item on the website. I receive no reply to the comment. I sent an email asking about the item. I asked a few questions in detail. "Is this still available? How much is it? Which year is this product? Is it brand new or preloved? If it's preloved, how long has it been used? Are the functions still functioning? Are there any items/parts missing? Do you have a picture of the item?" Yes, I believe if you are really interested in an item, you might as well ask everything you want to know. I don't want to be exchanging emails and asking questions one at a time. If you are the seller, by right you should answer all my questions. You should not answer only one out of 10 questions. Example of an email reply: "Masih ada. Yes, preloved" And that was it. The rest of the questions remain unanswered. If I am in a good mood and still very much interested in the item, I would ask again. If I still get a nonchalant reply, you know what, thank you bye bye. If you are not interested in replying my email and answering my questions, I take it that you are not interested in selling so I shall take my business elsewhere. It's your loss.
Fourth example:
This is for the buyers. Some sellers on FB clearly put the details of the products in the picture i.e. the price, the sizes available, the sizes that are sold out, the price per piece, whether it includes head band or not, whether the price is for a set, price for postage, whether it includes postage or not, how to order etc. Basically everything is provided for. All you need to do is either comment that the thing is cute or comment to reserve or follow the instructions on how to order, if you wish to order. Some people would still ask "How much?" or "Saiz xx ada tak?" when the description clearly states the sizes available. Duhhhh!!

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