Monday, July 30, 2012

Not Impressed With ZALORA

Two weeks ago I made a purchase from ZALORA and one of the items sent was wrong. grrrrr. I was excited when I received the package but I was so disappointed when one of the items was not the item that I ordered. I had to call them and returned the item. And now they're telling me that the item is out of stock and they are issuing a store credit. Also, they are issuing a store credit of RM10 for the costs I had to bear for the return of the item. When I received their email, they only issued a store credit for the item and did not include the RM10. I had to call them (which took them more than 5 minutes to answer, btw) and inform them of this and they said they will issue a new one, which will be latest by tomorrow. Pffft. Frankly speaking, I am not impressed with their services at all. I've seen some people complain of the same thing on FB whereby they received the wrong shoe size and what do you know, it happened to me as well. I've been shopping online from so many online shops and this is the first time that I got my order messed up. So much for being one of the leading online business, huh?

See, even Babycakes was excited for  Mummy!

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