Friday, July 13, 2012

mind your language

I don't know about you but I get seriously annoyed when I see people write like this:
  • ak xtaw ler nk wat camner
  • aq suker ngok cter nier
  • suka lettew
  • boley jewwww
  • nk minx tlg cket
  • ai dah uplod pics sumer. so uols sila la laik pics ai yer
  • bowrink nyer xde org nk chat dgn aq kew?
oh gosh the list is endless. I'm getting annoyed just typing them out. Seriously, how old are you to type/write like such? It's not even cute when it's written by school-going children, let alone some grown up people. Pfft. 
Perkataan panjang dipendekkan eg: AKU = AK/AQ
Perkataan pendek, tambah huruf pulak eg: I = AI 
What the hell is wrong with you??? For the sake of everyone, please, don't.


twayblade said...

i had a hard time trying to figure out what HB stands for. until it appears on my wall on my birthday. owh duhh. Happy Birthday rupanya. pemalas gila nak type panjang2. bukan suruh tulis pun.

Izyan Darling said...

cukup syarat je nak wish huh, macam tak ikhlas pun ada. HBGBU-happy birthday god bless u.

John said...

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