Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Risking it

We were told to exercise and move out lazy butts off the couch one too many times, don't we? How many of you actually take the stairs up to your condo/apartment (walk up apartment or flats doesn't count OK) or to your office? How many of you actually parked your car a mile away just so that you can walk a bit? I, for one hardly ever do any of the above. I hereby unashamedly admit that I am a lazy bum. No wonder my bum is getting bigger by the day. gaaah. My office is on the 1st floor and yet I take the elevator to go up. That shows how lazy i am huh? But to my defence, I have tons to carry to my office ie my handbag, my other bag and my file. On some days when I don't have a file with me, I would walk up the stairs but on most of the days, with or without file, I would take the elevator. Back at home I have no choice but to take the elevator because we are staying on a high floor and I need to carry Babycakes, my handbag, my other bag, Babycakes' food bag and Babycakes' bag pack. On days that I have stuffs I bought, I would have one or two plastic bags or grocery bags with me. But how come I still have these "bye-bye arms"? Pfft.
I would also find the nearest parking spot available but it is rather an impossible task here in my office area unless I do not go to court in the morning. I would make several rounds with the hope that a car would come out but luck is not always on my side. I always ended up parking a bit far from my office so I had to walk, with my handbag, my other bag and my file. 
trust me, I don't really mind walking a distance from my car or to take the stairs up to my office but with the recent incidents that happened at parking lots of shopping malls, who would want to park a mile away? Who would want to take the stairs up at a shopping mall? No way. It is not safe anymore. 
I'd rather have a big bum and bye-bye arms than risk being kidnapped, raped or robbed *touchwood*, thank you very much.

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