Tuesday, July 10, 2012

it's in the paper!

In my previous post, I blogged about how unsafe it is to park a mile away from your car especially with the recent incidents that took place in parking lots. Gosh it is scary, isn't it? It can happen to anyone, anytime but I truly pray that it will never happen to me, to my family, to you, to your family and to anybody else in the world. And to whoever did the heinous crime, you will pay for it, if not now, in the hereafter. 
I then wrote to The Star newspaper in the Letters to the Editor column regarding this, simply to address the issue. I notice that security guards are stationed at a certain place where in my opinion, they should be roaming the parking lots to monitor the area and to question whoever is acting suspiciously. It will be too late if something has already taken place, then to react. I also notice that when a car alarm goes off, nobody bothers to go and check. Sometimes the car's battery even died, or went low, leaving a pathetic blinking of the hazard lights. By the time the owner gets to the car, it will be no use as either the car was pried open or its windows smashed and the battery is dead. What the security guards should do is to rush to the scene, take note of the plate number and inform the management. The management then should make an announcement so that the owner of the car can go and check on his/her car. One time I was at a mall and my car remote control's battery was weak so I could not open the door. I had to open it manually, triggering the alarm (who says CLKs don't have a good alarm? Mine still works after so many years, thankfully). Because the alarm went off, I can't even start my car engine. It took me a good 5 minutes or so to finally switch off the alarm. In the meantime, nobody, not a single soul came to my rescue and to check what is going on. This just goes to show how 'alert' the security guards are. 
Anyway, please be careful wherever you are and always be alert of your surrounding. Please take out your car keys before you walk to your car and don't scramble looking for the keys when you are alone in a parking lot. Some malls have allocated parking lots for single ladies and for ladies with a stroller or kids but do you think that people care? I doubt that people will adhere to it. Let's say you see a couple or a single man parked in a single ladies' parking lot and you tell them to move their car because, well, you are a single lady driver, or you have a baby and a stroller with you, do you think they would move their car elsewhere? I don't think so. It will never happen in Malaysia. It has yet happen to me but I will try it one day and see how it goes. It would be fun, don't you think?
Here is a link to my letter, entitled Security Guards Who Are Merely Window Dressing. It is heavily edited, by the way but at least I get my message across. And no, I did not come up with that title.

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