Friday, August 03, 2012

raya cookies

I've always baked chocolate chip cookies for raya so this year will be no exception. But I have yet to find the time to bake them. Time is ticking and I don't have much time left. I've been wanting to bake on a weeknight but I find myself too tired even before 10pm. Sometimes I fell asleep along Babycakes when I put her down to sleep. This process of getting her to sleep also takes about 45minutes to 1 hour, sometimes longer.
I haven't been cooking much for berbuka because we would normally buy 2-3 types of lauk, some kuih and I would just cook rice. We've been breaking fast outside too so that also saved me from cooking. It's not that I do not want to cook but it just takes so much time and hassle. I also need to entertain my Babycakes. On some days, she would be content in her walker running around or play in her playpen while watching her nursery rhyme dvd. On some days she would be very clingy and seeking attention. By the time I reach home after picking up Babycakes, it will be almost 6pm so I have about 1 1/2 hours to whip up something. I know frying a fish or chicken takes less time but the thawing, preparing and the cleaning up after takes so much time and effort.  So I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ramadhan bazaar vendors near my house for without you guys, I would have to cook! haha. But so far alhamdulillah the foods that we bought were satisfactory and we haven't gotten sick or anything *touchwood*. The other day I asked hubby to buy kuih lopis and guess what he brought back? Kuih lapis. FAIL.
As for sahur, we take oats every day. And it's the instant kind. Just pour hot water and you are done. We would mix with honey or dates and milk.
That being said, I will bake my chocolate chip cookies, no matter what. I am also being ambitious of trying some new cookies recipes I found online. We shall see how many types of cookies I will bake this year. I will probably start tonight since we have no plans and tomorrow is a Saturday. Hopefully Babycakes will cooperate with Mummy and be a good girl tonight.

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