Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pisang Goreng oh Pisang Goreng

today during lunch i bought pisang goreng from a stall near my office. yes i bought pisang goreng during lunch for tea. i'm 'advanced' like that. anyway, who doesn't like pisang goreng, right? of course pisang goreng is best eaten when it is still hot but I am too lazy to go out in the evening just to get pisang goreng for tea. so i bought them in advance during lunch. by the time i want to eat it, which is now, it will be cold and not nice anymore. this particular pisang goreng from this particular stall is not nice and disgusting. why is it not nice and disgusting? no, i did not drop them on the floor. 1st is because it is already cold. as cold as my room. 2nd is because it is so freaking thin. 3rd is because the batter has become chewy and not crunchy because it's so damn thin. looking at the pisang goreng, i think the person must have sliced one pisang into 5 (if not 10!) very thin slices. and the pisang is just about the length of my middle finger. how ironic. so imagine that 5pieces of pisang goreng costs RM1. that means the cost (or is it profit?) of 1 pisang itself is RM1. but the price of a comb of pisang cannot be more than RM5-RM6, right? not this type of pisang at least. and I am pretty sure this seller bought in bulk so it's definitely much cheaper. i suck at maths therefore I can't count the costs, profits and losses so this is just an agak-agak calculation but I'm pretty sure I am not wrong. If anything, I may be slightly inaccurate. Anyway, my point is, the pisang goreng is freaking expensive. I am not going to buy pisang goreng from the seller ever again. Thankfully their donut is nice so that's a consolation. Yes, I bought a donut too for tea.  I might go for their donuts again but definitely not the pisang goreng. Unless they're thick and hot and crunchy. or maybe not.
who says you can't get rich just by selling pisang goreng, huh? but then how come he's still selling pisang goreng for a living?

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