Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mom Fail Moment

Yesterday was a Mom Fail Moment for me. I was busy preparing for my hearing today when boss called for a meeting at 5pm. He said it will be a short meeting. I went in and it went on and on and on. There is no such thing as a short meeting. I did not wear my watch as I removed it earlier. I also did not bring my bb with me into the meeting room. At one point, I saw boss’s watch and it looked like it was 5.50pm. another time I look, it appears to look like 6.10pm. And then my staff’s hubby came to the office with their baby and my staff asked to leave. I thought it was only 6pm –ish. When the meeting finally ended (with me having to almost burst my bladder), I looked at the office clock and it looks like it was 7.20pm. when I went to the toilet and looked outside, it was a bit dark and I thought it was going to rain. I came back to my room and checked my bb and saw the clock 7.21pm. 

PANIC. OMG BABYCAKES!! It’s almost 7.30pm and I’m still in the office!!! I quickly packed my briefcase and threw whatever’s on my desk into the bag. I hope I brought the right documents and cause papers. I even had a bottle of pumped milk still in the bottle which I’ve yet to put in the storage bag. I did not bring the bottle lid so I had to put it in the storage bag. I quickly did this while trying not to spill any milk. I called hubby but as usual he did not pick up his phone. Grrrrrrrrr. I called again while packing my stuffs and I said to hubby, “I tak amik Babycakes lagi!! I ada meeting tadi and I ingat masih pukul 6! OMG OMG” Hubby then calmed me down but he was in a meeting himself in Kiara. I quickly dashed out of the office only to find my car blocked by another car. Grrrrrrrr again. I then called Babycakes’ nursery and informed her sitter that I am on my way and apologized for not informing earlier. I asked how Babycakes was and her reply was, “Irene OK je ni kak. Dia tengah main ni. Tak nangis tak apa pun.” Phewww. I quickly drove like a mad woman and then informed hubby that I am on my way to pick Babycakes. Every car that was slow in front of me will either get the high beam flash or honk or both. When I see a green light, I secretly wish for it to stay green. When it was red, it felt like the longest red light ever. At one point, I cried. I don’t know why but a sudden wave of emotion crept through and I felt so guilty towards Babycakes. At the same time, I kept chanting, “Mummy’s coming Babycakes” “Wait for Mummy Babycakes”. I looked at the mirror behind me (a mirror which I stick on my car, facing Babycakes and I can see her from my rear view mirror. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check it out here.) I saw her empty car seat and I felt more emotional. I also thought, what if she gets hungry? What if he wants her milk? Will she be angry at me? Will she think that I purposely leave her there to wait? When I was at the traffic light in front of the court complex, it was red but there was no car at all and I was THISCLOSE to jump the red light but I told myself that it is better that I wait rather than hurt myself along the way and not able to pick Babycakes in the end. When I finally reached her nursery, her sitter told me that she pooped so they’re changing her diaper. I couldn’t be more relieved when I heard her voice and when I saw her face and I could not stop kissing and apologizing to her.

You may think I am a drama queen, I am exaggerating but I am not. I have never felt like this before in my life. It was definitely a Mom Fail Moment and I hope I will never ever have to face it again.

1. Always wear your watch.
2. Always bring your handphone or blackberry to the meeting room BUT make sure it's on silent mode.
3. There is no such thing as a 'short or quick meeting.'

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