Tuesday, June 12, 2012

two for one

we only have one child (for now) yet we have two car seats and two strollers. the car seats are a must as we needed one in each car as hubby would be sending her off in the morning while i would be the one picking her up in the evening. thankfully Babycakes doesn't mind sitting all alone at the back, in her own little seat. if it's a long journey, she can easily doze off.
and then there's the stroller. we recently bought an umbrella stroller for her so that i have one in my car. all along her stroller is in hubby's car so if i were to take her out somewhere, it would be a bit leceh without one. if it's a short trip to the supermarket, i can easily put her in the trolley seat and do my shopping. she really loves trolley rides and she loves 'eating' the trolley even more. so to distract her from 'eating' the trolley and all the germs that come with it, i would push the trolley while running and making funny sounds, much to her delight. she would give me a belly laugh but at the same time, i get weird stares from other shoppers. haha. but they would smile too when they look at how happy Babycakes is.
i have a sling to carry her but since she's becoming more active, she wouldn't sit still. she would arch her back wanting to see the world so it's really difficult at times. last friday i went to Toys R Us with her and saw a few umbrella strollers and they are really cheap. they are lightweight, easy to fold and most importantly, they can fit into my tiny car. so i told hubby to get one and on saturday, we bought Babycakes a brand new stroller, yeay! it's a simple umbrella stroller and it has a special price for starmembers so i told hubby, let's take it! there were two colours-red and navy and of course we chose red. it matches my car and her car seat. awesome. Babycakes loved her new stroller that she fell asleep on it after that. a new stroller requires a hanging toy so we bought her a taggies toy as well just because. haha.
as much as i am tempted to buy the fancier strollers, i refrained myself as the other stroller will still be her main stroller anyway. why should we pay so much for something that we hardly use? the one that we bought fits all the purposes and it is just as good as any other stroller. i don't want to be pushing a huge bulky stroller especially when i'm alone with her and i don't want to spend so much time struggling to fold and keep the stroller in the car especially with so many cases of car park kidnapping recently.
now that we have a stroller in my car, we can go anywhere we want, with or without hubby. :D

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