Monday, May 07, 2012

the voice matters

On Labour Day, we went to Bangsar Village to meet up with a friend and also to bring Babycakes meet baby Noah, my friend’s baby boy. It was like a date for Irene and Noah, but accompanied and chaperoned by the parents. We went to Marmalade and had sandwiches and burgers and a huge slice of delicious red velvet cake. Marmalade is located at Level 1, BVII. Marmalade is a family restaurant and it is a kid and baby friendly place as it has a small play area. We took Babycakes and Noah to the play area and the babies had a great time. We then went around BVII and BVI. There are a number of shops that cater to kids and babies namely Toys R Us, Pumpkin Patch, Bebehaus  among others. There is also Gymboree so it is a family mall, unlike BVII which are mostly fashion and lifestyle boutiques. 

After walking around and made a purchase of a cute white headband at Pumpkin Patch for Babycakes (even though she keeps pulling them off!) and Noah’s mummy bought a Toy Story handphone for him at Toys R Us, we felt that it was time for coffee. We then head back to BVII and decided to have coffee and yummy breads at The Loaf. By this time, Babycakes who had a nap has already woken up and it’s time for milky again. I forgot to bring my shawl that I normally use to cover while nursing in public so I went to look for a nursing room. Meanwhile, Noah’s mummy brought him to the changing room to change his poopie diaper. We went to level 1 and there is a changing table in the toilet but there are neither proper changing rooms nor a nursing room. There was no bench either, unlike in Bangsar Shopping Centre. How am I supposed to nurse Babycakes then? I then took her to level 2 and looked for a nursing room but there was none. There is a changing table but it is in the toilet for the disabled. I went to the surau with the hope that I can nurse in it but there were three ladies praying and there was no room left. The surau is very small anyway. I had no choice but to go in the toilet for the disabled. I pulled down the changing table to put my handbag and Babycakes’ diaper bag because there were no hooks for hanging. I then pulled down the toilet seat cover and sat down and nursed Babycakes in the toilet. -_- Thankfully the toilet is clean and doesn’t smell but it was not a pleasant experience. 

While Babycakes was nursing, I told her to hurry up (with the hope that she understands me) as I don’t feel comfortable nursing in a toilet. I am not comfortable nursing in public either, not without my cover at least. After she was done, I needed to change her diaper so I put her on the changing table but the strap was broken. I had to hold her down to make sure she doesn’t fall while juggling my handbag and the diaper bag. By this time I was already sweating. I did not have the stroller with me as I left it with hubby at The Loaf. I quickly changed her and when I wanted to dispose the diaper in the bin, it did not open when I stepped on it. There is no way I am gonna bend down and lift the lid because it is unhygienic as I was holding Babycakes in one hand and also it was hard having to juggle her and my handbag. I also had a hard time washing my hands as I still had to hold her. I then quickly washed my hands, exited the toilet and threw the used diaper in the waste bin near the escalator. Too bad for them but I wish the diaper was soiled! 

I was so disappointed with BV that I decided to write an email to them, voicing my displeasure and they replied, quite promptly. They informed me that works are undergoing to provide proper baby rooms and they expect to be ready by the end of May or so. They better! They also apologized for the inconvenience that I went through and the best part is, they offered me a complimentary PriVillage card, with preloaded amount for parking in it. Ha! It pays to voice out your concern, doesn’t it? I don’t frequent BV that much but I expect it to be a family & baby friendly mall, especially that it has a number of shops for babies and kids.I have submitted my details for them to prepare my card and I am waiting for their call for me to collect the card soon. i can't wait for the baby room to be ready for I do enjoy going to the lovely cafes and restaurants in BV.

So people, if you are not happy with anything, just voice it out. Who knows that you could end up getting something out of it, huh?

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