Monday, May 14, 2012

My first Mother's Day

I celebrated my first ever Mother's Day as a mummy this year and it felt so great. All these years I celebrate Mother's Day with my mummy, to celebrate her as a mummy but this year, I had a little celebration of my own, courtesy of Hubby and Babycakes. Hubby made Babycakes write a card for me and it was so cute! I can imagine the hard time Hubby had when he had to hold Babycakes' hand to hold the pen while recording it on his handphone at the same time. Hubby is a lefty so he made Irene write with her left hand too. The video ended up with shaky images and Hubby's voices in the background saying " Irene, cepat tulis ni untuk Mummy. Jangan makan pen! No Irene! No!" hahaha. All this happened while I was taking my bath on Saturday evening. I came to the living room when Hubby called me and said, "Yang, datang depan! Tengok apa Irene buat!! Cepat!!" Naturally I came rushing only to find Babycakes holding a pink envelope and chewing on it at the same time. It was cute all right but I went "You biar je dia makan envelope tu??" before going all "awww" about it. I then took the card from Babycakes and it was the cutest card ever. I also received a Mother's Day card from Hubby. Then we went out to Jake's at Starhill Gallery and had some really good steak and a rack of lamb. I made an apple puree for Babycakes but she doesn't seem to like it. 

The next day, we went for a buffet hi-tea with my family at Mz. Nina Bakery Cafe at Publika. The foods was simple but nice. We had a good family time and I gave my mummy a Lancome lipstick. I hope she likes the colour! And I hope she wears it as she is known to keep stuffs rather than using it as she sayang to use it. Hehe. 

After that, we went to my sil's house in Kajang and thought of surprising MIL with some KFC but Hubby didn't know that she has gone back on Saturday. So the surprise tak menjadi and we ended up eating the KFC. We will celebrate when she's in KL again.

It does not matter how you celebrate Mother's Day, what you give to your mother or how expensive/big your gift(s) is/are. It's the thought that counts, it's the times spent that count and most importantly, your prayers for your mother. I may not be the best daughter and daughter in law but I am trying. 

I wish each and every mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day. It is a blessing and a special feeling to be a mother yourself to know how much you can love someone unconditionally. Babycakes is only 7 months young but I have so much love for her that I can't bear the thoughts of not having her. She may cry, she may whine, she may throw tantrums at times that it drives me up the wall sometimes but I will always and forever love her with every breath I take. I hope Babycakes will be a good daughter, a good person, a good citizen and a good Muslimah, insyaallah for one day Babycakes will be a mother herself.

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