Wednesday, July 21, 2010

weekend project part 24

this is a carrot cake which i baked over the weekend. it looked pretty plain here, don't you think?

i made a trip to a little shop in desa pandan which sells baking stuffs from cake tins to muffin cups, cake boxes to food colouring. you name it, they basically have it all. well, most of the things i needed, at least. i saw this ready-made sugar paste flowers, which comes in various colours but since my cake is already yellowish-creamish in colour, i bought a bright red roses so that it'll pop out.

it is nicely wrapped in a box and protected with sponge to prevent it from breaking.

remove the sponge carefully and put it on your cake.

i think my cake looked like it's made by a pro. it certainly added that extra 'oomph' to my cake, no?

i also made this chocolate cake over the weekend. i found this cute little flowers in the bake shop and i fell in love with it. they are super cute and they also added that extra 'oomph' to my otherwise plain cake. it is also great to cover the unevenness of the chocolate toppping at the side of the cake. genius, yes? :D

the little flowers comes in a bag of 50 pieces i think and i only used a little. looks like my raya cakes will be adorned by these little babies. hehe.

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