Friday, July 09, 2010

Product Review-Smooooth Legs

time for another review, people! (right, as if you're looking forward to it, huh?)
anyway, this is a long overdue product review. i bought this many weeks ago but i haven't found the time to review it so here goes. this product is called Smooooth Legs.

When i bought it, the blogshop gave me 2 extra big pads and 3 small pads as a token of appreciation.
The product comes with 1 Large applicator, 1 Small applicator, 4 Large flex-crystal replacement pads and 4 Small flex-crystal replacement pads.

Peel the sticker on the back of the pad and stick it on the applicator.

Then rub in circular motion on areas where you want to get hairs removed.

My verdict:
The product is easy to use and it is effective. All you have to do is rub the applicator on your skin and hair will be removed. The pads feel like soft sand paper so apply enough pressure to remove the hairs. Do not rub too hard or your skin may get irritated and it may leave your skin red. you sure don't want a cut on your legs now, do you? You can easily do it in front of your tv or while talking on the phone as it is not messy, does not require the use of any cream or gel or harmful chemicals and razor blades. it is a quick and easy way to remove hair especially if you decide to wear that short skirt or that short dress at the very last minute yet you loathe the idea of having to shave your legs. The good thing is, since no chemicals are involved, your skin is not exposed to harmful chemicals. besides removing hairs, it also works as an exfoliator. i don't know about you but my legs are the most neglected parts of my body, except when i shave, which i hate as it is such a hassle and sometimes i do get nicks or bumps. grrrr. i hardly exfoliate or scrub my legs. the most i would do is apply lotion on them after bathing. after you use the Smooooth Legs, you can feel your skin soft as the dead skin cells have been exfoliated during the process. you will also notice that the pads will turn greyish-whitish. so does you skin.
However, do take note that it doesn't take long for hairs to grow. i don't know if it's my hormone but i noticed that hair started sprouting out again in 2-3 days. this is because it only 'cuts' the hair and it does not get to the root of it. but then again, so does shaving, right? but fret not, once you feel hair is growing again, just repeat the process.
as for the pad, i can use 1 big pad for twice application. the next time i'm removing my hair, i'm gonna have to use a new pad as the old one has run out. good thing that i got extra pads from the blogshop.

So there. this was my honest review and i am not paid or made to do this review by the blogshop. i just feel like doing it. if it works for me, why should i keep it to myself, right? ;)


susan said...

how smooth can ur leg be>? really effective ke, babe?

Izyan Darling said...

your legs feel smooth just like after you've shaved. however, unlike shaving, smooooth legs exfoliate your skin, leaving it super soft.

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

wow...patut order ni juga dari michelle
senang nak pakai dress tak perlu nak shower dulu

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