Monday, July 05, 2010

do it online

when it comes to shopping, be it online or offline, one thing i'm sure of, i hate rude, ignorant & annoying sales assistants ("sa"). aren't you annoyed when the sa followed you everywhere you go in the store? aren't you annoyed when the sa immediately arranged the clothing the moment you touched them?
the same goes to online shopping. from my little experience, most blogshops would put a disclaimer warning that they only want serious buyers, no back-outs, do not email/inquire unless you're really interested, no MIAs or they will publish the name and email address of the person.
some blogshop owners become so friendly and excited when you email them and once you get the products, they kept quiet and if you email them, the email(s) left unreplied.
however, i am lucky that so far my online shopping experience has been great. recently i purchased a clincher and i was surprised to see a top in the package. i emailed the owner and asked if she had sent the package by mistake. to my pleasant surprise, she said that the top was for me, free of charge because she did not want to waste the postage.

i have also received my maxi, which i ordered from La Robe. the material is soft and satin-like, very light and very comfortable. however, it is a bit long and i've yet to alter it but i wore it anyway.

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