Friday, July 23, 2010

velvety red

the thing about blog-hopping is, you get to read about other people's lives, be it love, personal, career, their daily routines and whatnot. another thing about blog-hopping is, you get tempted to try the foods that the bloggers mentioned and blogged about, especially those with pictures. every time i read a blogger's post about certain foods or restaurants, i get excited about it, especially if they talk about desserts. i am a dessert junkie. there, i confessed. :D
one time i read about red velvet cake. and then i noticed people on facebook also started talking and posting pics of the red velvet cake. naturally, i became curious. so i put a status on facebook asking people where to get the best red velvet cake. they were kind enough and suggested a few places, including California Pizza Kitchen ("CPK") in KLCC. there's also a bakery in Bangsar and Jaya One selling the red velvet cake but it was too far for me to go after office hours.
so, after reading my status, boyfie bought for me from CPK KLCC. i was super excited and i fell in love with the red & white combination of the cake. it was just beautiful. the moment i took a bite of it, i fell in love all over again with the cake, and with my boyfie of course hehe. the cake costs RM22 per piece, if i am not mistaken. it was sweet, moist and creamy.

recently i read about Whisk, a cafe in Empire Shopping Gallery which sells red velvet cake, among other things. on my way back to KL from Shah Alam, i made a quick stop at Empire and bought the cake. when i arrived, the owner said that it just came out of the oven and it's not even iced yet. i told her that i needed to go to the bank and i'll be back in 1/2 an hour.

1/2 an hour later, i came to the cafe and it's ready! i was delighted! however there are red specks on the icing and the owner said this is because the cake was iced immediately when in fact, the cake should be cooled before it's iced. i so know that but i don't mind the red specks. to me, the cake looked delicious already. unfortunately they did not layer the cake and i think that the icing should be slightly thicker. however, the cake was soft, fluffy and not too sweet. so does the icing. i think it tastes great the way it is, though i don't mind an extra inch of the icing. :D oh, and they are selling at RM11 per piece only! that's half the price of CPK's!!

damn...looking at the pics of the cake makes me feel like having another slice this very moment! i think i might as well try to bake this cake. after all, how hard could it be, right? it might be my weekend project part 25. so stay tuned! ;)

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