Monday, July 26, 2010

unwanted visitor

besides getting the monthly visit from Miss P, i also get visited by a visitor named Mr. U. what/who in the world is Mr. U, you may ask. allow me to introduce you to Mr. Ulcer. Mr. Mouth Ulcer to be exact. seriously, i got mouth ulcers ever so often that it's like a routine already. it's like my body gives a sign "ok, it's that time of the month again. ulcer time!" i don't mind getting monthly visits from Miss P (that shows that my hormones are balanced, right?) though i hate the before-time i.e. the PMS. i get easily ticked off during PMS so imagine if Mr. Ulcer decided to visit along with Miss P. now that is when all hell will break lose. i told boyfie to stay away from me for a few days so as not to jeopardize our relationship. yes, it's THAT bad.

i don't know what causes it but i noticed that it started with an accidental 'bite' on the lip or tongue or sometimes the toothbrush decided to brush at the wrong directions causing my lip or tongue or whatever part in my mouth to cut a bit. the rest, is history. it normally lasts for about 4-5 days, sometimes a week. but sometimes, it appeared for no bloody reason. is it because my body is heaty? i drink lots of water everyday. like, a lot!

everyday i would drink 2 bottles of water. this water bottle can hold more than 1l, approximately 1.2l i think. i made a point to drink 1 bottle before 2p.m and another bottle for between 2-7p.m. i added 3tbsp of apple cider vinegar in the 1st round of water. the 2nd round is plain water. if that's not enough water for a day, i don't know how much is enough. not to mention, i sometimes take a mug of coffee in the morning and/or one in the evening. this is the amount of water i drink at the office alone. when i go back, it's a different story.

i would also bring fruit(s) to the office, especially when the fridge is well-stocked with fruit. mum always make sure there are fruits in the fridge. sometimes i would bring an apple but on days when i feel greedy i wanna be healthy, i would bring two apples. on certain days, there are oranges and pears. sometimes i would buy guava or pineapple from the food court below.

this is my good friend, Bonjela. i love the taste (it sounds so wrong, huh?) but i hate it when i applied it on the ulcer. it hurts and stings like hell that i became teary-eyed every single time. *sigh* and the worst part is, it doesn't work instantly. if it had, Mr. Ulcer would have left town in less than a day or two.

this is another good friend of mine. since i thought Bonjela didn't really work (or maybe my mouth is already immune to it pffffttt!) i decided to try this. it's powder-like substance tastes like bitter watermelon. it is also a bit hard to apply as you need to 'spray' the powder on the ulcer. it gets really hard when Mr. Ulcer decided to sit at the very back of your mouth or in between your gum. ughhh~~

one time, i tried a medicine called Kenalog In Orabase. it works wonders but it's a controlled item so you need to get it from the pharmacist. however, most of the time i went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist was not in. i can't be running to the pharmacy during office hours, can i? it's so hard to get hold of the pharmacist so i had to settle with the two products above. *sigh*


twayblade said...

babe, use orrepaste instead of bonjela. it doesnt give u the stingy feeling at all. sejuk je rasa on the ulcer.

in addition, can gargle with oradex mouthwash specifically for ulcer.

i use both when i had coxsackie last year.

oh both items kat guardian/watsons tarak. must go get them at real pharmacies. u know, farmasi yg takde jual maybelline tu.

Izyan Darling said...

thanks for the tips kak ida. erm, pharmacy yang takde jual maybelline, pharmacy apa? vitacare? caring? are these controlled items?

Skinny Yash said...

owh..oradex! i used that before. :)

anyway..I sangatlah selalu dikunjungi Mr.U ni! Exactly like u! same story! Bile ade je Mr U ni..i sampai demam2..bgn pagi je, the moment nak gosok gigi tu la paling hellllll sekali!


Izyan Darling said...

sakit kan!! nak gosok gigi sakit, nak makan pun terseksa jiwa raga ok bila ada ulcer. :`(

Anonymous said...

babe, u can try this one ubat sapu called Oral Aid. botol dia kecik je.. mcm eye mo tu.. it doesnt sting the ulcer, instead u akan rasa that it will numb the pain, so kalau mulut tgh penuh ulcer u nak makan pedas2 pun boleh.. just sapu before makan. wait for 5 mins pastu dia mcm kebas.. so xrasa sakit sgt

u can buy at guardian pharmacy.. i tak ingt harga dia berapa.

Izyan Darling said...

hello anonymous. thank u for the suggestion. ya lah i pernah dengar Oral Aid ni tapi lupa pulak nak try. kalau boleh buat ulcer tu rasa numb, bagus tu. xdela terseksa sangat nak makan, esp food yang panas & pedas. wooo meleleh air mata!

Malicious Mind said...

Wahh.. U r soo healthy. Bawak fruits to office.. Hmmm i should start folloeing yout footsteps :P

Izyan Darling said...

well that's the least i can do for my body; drink lots of water and eat fruit(s) considering that i hardly exercise. :D

Anonymous said...

Coffee contains caffeine which actually is a diuretic and will dehydrate you as well. Not only that but coffee is acidic, and so is vinegar. That can actually increase the chance of your ulcer appearing.